What are adjectives that start with k that describes a cookie?

enjoyable salty intreiging(idk how to spell it) satisfying kissable known (oreos !)

How many adjectives can you think of that have the prefix un that mean something good or positive?

unbelievable (could be good depending on the situation) unreal (is always good to me) unafraid unblemished unsweetened (definitely a good one! unsweetened tea :P) unspoiled unzipped (oh, baby!) undressed (oh yeaaahh) unadulterated undamaged unaltered unambiguous unambivalent unashamed unbanned unbent UNBIASED! (super good one) there are just so many >.< I could go on and on

1. What adjectives can I use to describe a person that almost always talk about sex?

Lilly, U.S.A. 1. Perverted 2. Slut 3. Horny or a Creep that's what i would call them

What are three good adjectives to use to describe myself in a yearbook staff application?

What about conscientious, dedicated, eloquent, sophisticated, technically literate (if you're doing it on the computer).

What adjectives describe special words used by a particular profession of people?

Every profession has there own technical terms.

What adjectives would you use to describe a cooked portobello mushroom?

tender, concentrated in flavor, similar to a gelatinous texture, deep in color, (if grilled) carmelized and reduced in size from raw state to cooked state.

How do you avoid adjectives and adverbs when writing description?

toolate, the general idea in avoiding adverbs by using a better verb that doesn't need enhancement or explanation is solid. It makes the writing stronger and the word count lower to say "Shelly stomped on the doll" rather than "Shelly stepped on the doll very hard." The adjective-avoidance is solid for a different reason. It forces the author to include only what detail needs to be there for the reader to see the scene and for the story to progress. If what matters is Shelly stomping on the doll, then the doll's hair color, the kind of shoe Shelly is wearing, and the room's decor are irrelevant details which only hinder the flow. You will find that you write far leaner, without losing anything, if you minimize adjectives. Since many beginners write 'fat,' this technique can serve you very well. Er, make that 'serve you well.'


You could say loving or caring naturalist. Loving or caring would be ATTRIBUTIVE adjectives in this case. An attributive adjective is part of the noun phrase headed by the noun they modify. The noun in this case, is naturalist. You can play around with this to find a combination that suits you.


angry adorable adventurous aggressive alert attractive average beautiful blue-eyed bloody blushing bright clean clear cloudy colorful crowded cute dark drab distinct dull elegant excited alive annoying bad better beautiful brainy breakable busy careful cautious clever clumsy concerned crazy curious dead different difficult doubtful easy expensive annoyed anxious arrogant ashamed awful bad bewildered black blue bored clumsy combative condemned confused crazy, flipped-out creepy cruel dangerous defeated defiant depressed disgusted disturbed dizzy dull embarrassed envious evil agreeable amused brave calm charming cheerful comfortable cooperative courageous delightful determined eager elated enchanting encouraging energetic enthusiastic excited exuberant broad chubby crooked curved deep big colossal cooing deafening ancient brief Early bitter delicious boiling breezy broken bumpy chilly cold cool creepy crooked cuddly curly damaged damp dirty dry dusty


xylophone; xenonic. By the way, how does an adjective or a noun get to have four or more words in it? Did you mean letters? Or are you being a weird wordsmith? wacky writer? Wiggie wag?