What shirt is Cristiano Ronaldo wearing in this photo?

Sorry, the link didnt work.

I heard Club America is buying Cristiano Ronaldo, is that true?

Apparently Cabanas wanted a new lover because German Vila left him. Ronaldo might come for a loan to cheer Cabanas up because Rooney broke up with him too and now he is looking for someone with similar characteristics for him to be with.

Is really cristiano ronaldo going to AC milan?


How can i get my hair the same as Cristiano Ronaldo's?

Heeelp me find clips of Cristiano Ronaldo and I will love you forever xD ?

Try his web page, facebook and other media pages Oh, and the Real Madrid website too.

can somebody tell me the name of the portuguese channel that showed cristiano ronaldo's programme?

It was on Sic, I'm not sure where in England it's showing...

Deco thinks Cristiano Ronaldo will rule the world ahead of Kaka, what do you think?

I disagree. We are watching Kaka and Ronaldo play at their individual peaks. Ronaldo is 22 years old, while Kaka is three years older at 25. I doubt that Ronaldo will improve much beyond what we see today. He is great because he is quicker than any other player with a ball at his feet, and he has a terrific shot. Kaka is great because he is essentially a complete footballer. He is the world's best playmaker and I do not believe Ronaldo will ever play at the level that Kaka is at today. Kaka has proved that he can control the game like no one else in the world right now. That is why he has recently almost unanimously won the FIFA World Player of the Year award. It's also worth pointing out that Ronaldo's supporting cast at Manchester United is superior to Kaka's in Milan. If Kaka gets transfered somewhere we could Kaka's true potential.

Do you think ManUnited players sacrificed themselves for Cristiano Ronaldo ?

Of course they all sacrificed their playing position just for him.

How many girls think Cristiano Ronaldo is the hottest guy on the planet ?

he is too hot but not the hottest :)

Can someone explain me how Real Madrid wouldn't make it to the knockout stage without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Barcelona wouldn't have made it without Messi. There's a star player in every team, it's natural.

Im a guy and I find Cristiano Ronaldo hot?

Don't worry, every human being finds Cristiano Ronaldo hot. He is in fact a messenger sent from God to promote diving on the field in honour of the Greek Goddess Leucothea. Anyone that is not attracted to him is asexual, what you're experiencing is normal, it's part of becoming a man.

Does anyone have a picture of Fernando Torres and Cristiano Ronaldo?

here ya go! only pic i had in my computer.. =] http://i29.tinypic.com/2hz1enp.jpg Arriba Liverpool! btw.. =P

Where can I get Cristiano Ronaldo merch?


Does anyone know where i can find cristiano ronaldo jersey?

http://search.ebay.com.au/Cristiano-Ronaldo has one with his pic on it and is autographed. Bidding ends in 57 minutes. If you can't afford or get to this one, just search all of ebay.

what number is Cristiano Ronaldo going to be in Real Madrid?

Raul extended his contract, he is staying until like he's 35, C.Ronaldo would either go with 18 or 28 [Previous # in Sporting Lisbon] and Kaka would take the famous Zizou number, 5. I don't find that team would do good, they look tough but what happened with ZIDANE, and BECKHAM.. Michael Owen, RONALDO.. look at those legends now. terrifying. Edson.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo really dating Gemma Ward?

. Ronaldo's Girl Gemma Finds Football "Boring" New WAG Gemma Atkinson has admitted she finds football "boring" even though she's dating Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Close but, not Gemma Ward.

hey people do you by any chance know what kind of exercises cristiano ronaldo does?


If Kim Khardashian had a choice to stay in relationship with Reggie Bush or Cristiano Ronaldo who will it be?

Eh I think Ronaldo would be better. Doesn't he have a kid with no mother or something? She would be a hot soccer mum

Who is the better player Overall Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Lionel Messi is overall much better than CRonaldo. Being the best is not having more attributes (like most people think), it's about performance and attitude. You can be score free kicks, super goals, beat 5 defenders, become a playmaker, and could possibly play defence, but that will mean nothing if you can't perform all that stuff on the field. Messi is so humble at a young age and he works so hard, his attitude exemplifies the best. CRonaldo can be so much better, he has more attributes than Messi, but he lacks determination and teamwork. Messi also has the trophies to prove he's better. At 22, CRonaldo didn't do any of the things Messi did. Messi is the next legend and the argument between CRonaldo and Messi has been done for the past 7 months now, when Messi and Barcelona won the treble.

What is going on with Cristiano Ronaldo?

no, they paid more money in the european team. it's disappointing seeing your favorite player go right? mine Guillermo Franco, went off to europe and now has returned to Mexico.

What do you think of this Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi joke from Youtube?

Hahaha, but that's the truth.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo win the best player of the year in England?

c ronaldo has a fantastic season... believe that we will bag the pfa, euro and world player awards this year...

Where is a hair salon in new orleans that can cut hair like Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle?

Hi Justin T Try Steven Sobel's salon

Workout to get body like cristiano ronaldo?

Consistent exercise eat healthy with minimal treats. Also watch what you in take and ensure you burn it plus some with the cardio. The most difficult thing cardio unless you love the running biking or swimming. I love the weight rm but have noticed neglected the cardio. Now going lighter weight more reps and Cardio minimal 4 x weekly.

How can find the telephone number of Cristiano Ronaldo?

if u find it, make sure u give it to me. ahhh i luv him

how do I get in contact with cristiano ronaldo?

send him an owl ! seriously, take a number and get in line.

Where can I buy a Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo Long Sleeve Jersey?


Does anyone know if they sell Cristiano Ronaldo things in Sydeny Australia ?

Sport station...

Cristiano Ronaldo among the best players in football history?

no because he is not an invincible player like maradona or pele , or a better playmaker then cruff and a better striker then di stefano and he is easy to deffend he only needs a player to cover him and not allow him to shot that will make him dead in a game , but in another hand if you look at leo messi , he scored goals that no players had scored and he is invincible and each game he plays in the same way and in each game he make scream '' waw '' and no one can stop him if he is playing with barcelona , that is why he will be the best player in the history .

How can i get married to cristiano ronaldo( soccer player ) in future?

do a hocos pocus on him

Where could I find an 11/12 Cristiano Ronaldo jersey for either Portugal or Real Madrid online in the USA?

I only purchase stuff from this website: http://www.uksoccershop.com/

What is the white little thing which cristiano ronaldo always on his wrist during games?

usually football players put tape on their ankles to stop their shin guard sliding around and to prevent sprains....some people like ronaldo put it on there wrists to prevent a wrist sprain or a break Cheers

For Manchester United fans: Do you love or hate Cristiano Ronaldo after he left for Real Madrid?

A rare talent in the George Best,Willie Morgan mold.Ronaldo had his best days at United and like Beckham he won't shine on the Spanish stage to the same extent in my opinion.Manchester United is bigger than any individual player as George Best would tell you

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo no where near the form he was at last season?

I don't like him either, but to be fair. other teams have cottoned on how to stop him either by stopping him getting the ball as much, not letting him run with the ball or winding him up and distracting him. The refs now have second thoughts about giving decisions his way too because of his antics. The mark of a true world class player is to rise above it all and he's just not doing it. he also never really had a chance to recuperate from his injury either, so he never really got match fit. I don't think the fact that he wants to go to Madrid is a factor as otherwise he'd be doing all he can to turn it on and impress.

What is the EURO 08 commercial im thinking of with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Yeah its a nike commercial http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikefootball/en__EMEA/index.html

Can cristiano ronaldo really get any girl he looks at?

No, he can't get any girl he looks at because not all girls are shallow!

Fifa: Why does Cristiano Ronaldo have to stand so weird when he takes a free kick?

Im pretty sure it's an involuntary thing.

What team does cristiano ronaldo play for?

Manchester United (Club Team in England) and Portugal(National Team)

What kind of training does cristiano Ronaldo do?

runs bananas

What are the shoes that Cristiano Ronaldo wears for the World Cup?

I always thoguth he had Nike just becuase I know he's sponsered by them and alway did so many campaigns and things like that for them...but I could be wrong

Where can I order a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey?

http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_npmv=3&_trksid=m38&_nkw=cristiano+ronaldo+shirt&_sacat=See-All-Categories there is some signed ones aswell

how can I contact cristiano ronaldo on the net?

Go to Google and type up Cristiano Ronaldo's official site

How would Cristiano Ronaldo do if he played with Barca?

Personally, I think Ronaldo belongs at Real Madrid. I don't think he's as greedy as everyone is saying. Barca players aren't always humble and Real Madrid players aren't always egomaniacs. Ronaldo is a fantastic player and so is Leo Messi. Both are really good. But, people always hate on Ronaldo because he's so controversial. To me, Ronaldo is the better player. To others, it's Messi. Isn't it enough to just say that both are amazing? Can't they share the crown of "World's Best?"

How can I prove that Cristiano Ronaldo is NOT gay?

omg i have the same problem! how about you show them all the pics of Ronaldo with girls. OR challenge your friends by having them show you pics of Ronaldo with other men, if he really is "gay". overall, tell them Ronaldo is European. and your friends are jealous. i have the same problem in my class

Who should my friend be Cristiano Ronaldo or Ronaldinho?

Theres not a chance on earth he will ever be like either player. If I had to choose I would choose Ronaldinho as Ronaldo spends more time on his tricks & putting on makeup than playing proper football, Ronaldinho also creates chances & uses his tricks to create goals instead of just looking pretty. Ronaldo always takes the free kicks for United but when does he score? Ronaldo is a good player but Ronaldinho at his peak made him look average at best, what about Kaka my friend? Or Gerrard, Zidane, Fabregas, Henry, Messi, Rooney??? There are a host of players that leave Ronaldo for dust, football isnt just about looking good watch Kaka glide past people. I bet your American! United v Arsenal on Saturday, if you want to see the best club game of football on earth dont miss it!

Could Cristiano Ronaldo beat up the average american football wide reciever?

i dun fink so

How much is Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham making a year?

Cristiano Ronaldo is much more paid !!! I heard recently that he is the most rich player of the world !

Cristiano ronaldo?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!!!!!?

Um....I'm not even sure what your question is......

cristiano ronaldo?

Cristiano dates many beautiful babes. Currently he's dating Luciana Abreu, A Portuguese singer from the beautiful country of Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo?

robben and robinho are also divers ( hate to admit it, but it's true).. robben gets injured alot. robinho still acts like an immature spoiled brat and isn't very loyal to Real Madrid.