What are some good social networks?

Does Instagram own your photos?

If it is like 99% of the photo sharing tools, it works this way. You the photographer are the owner of your work, period. Instagram and Facebook however, aren't going just let you display your photos for free without getting something out of it. That's where usage rights come in. When you put a photo on there you give the site the right to use the photo in a limited fashion. For example, they can use it to promote the site. They cannot make money from direct sale of the photo unless they get your permission.

thinking of getting iphone but what is and how does data plan work?

Instagram without having an iphone?

Picnik is fairly user friendly. It's not an app, it's a website. Don't go crazy with the stickers and your pictures will look just as quality.

How long do you think it will be before joseph kony is found?

I made a new instagram account and lots of my old followers found me like within a day? ?

but I might've linked both to my Facebook somehow when i was choosing people to follow >>> this is the answer you've been looking for

How much can an 8gb iPhone hold?

8Gb is a lot. I've got a 16Gb iPhone with about 300 pictures and about 150 apps. I've got hundreds of contacts and have never deleted a text conversation. I've also got 50 songs on it and I haven't even used 5Gb of space yet so you should be fine.

Does instagram link give virus?

What are some good sites to share pictures?

if your going for actual legit pics go to flickr! or photobucket for the not so pretty ones :)

can someone explain to me how instagram works?

What is Instagram and should I get it?

Instagram is an app where you share your photos with the world. As per the trend now this app is turning into a place where you can share your photography skills. But there are many people out there who just share pics of themselves or any simple click. Now many celebrities (like Justin bieber, Selena gomez, Taylor swift, Mike shinoda etc.) and many big brands/companies (MTV, Converse, Burberry etc.) have their accounts on Instagram. You can use this 'free' app only from an iDevice.

what is the best photo editing to edit photos for facebook?

I use Piknik http://www.picnik.com/app#/home/welcome or fotoflexer http://fotoflexer.com/ They are both free! :) And you can upload them directly to fb from the websites

What are some apps like instagram?

Instagram - Photo sharing app like pinterest, piictu, path, gimps etc. (so many out there) Kik - app used for chatting like ebuddy, whatsapp, skype.

Connecting intsagram to my facebook helpp?

Can I log into instagram from my computer?

Yes you can. Try webstagram.com or ink361.com to view pictures from Instagram. ps: You cannot upload a picture from web. If you want to auto-post your picture on FB each time to upload a pic on Instagram, link your FB account to Instagram via the application. How to do it? Click on the 5th icon on the bottom bar > Account > Edit sharing settings > Facebook You're welcome and follow me - @chelny ;-)

Instagram Pictures Not Showing Up In News Feed?

Why aren't my friends' blog posts showing up in my Facebook news feed?

if you dont want them in your feed, then hover over that status, and click the little arrow in the top right of that post, and then you can select unsubscribe or hide this topic or hide all from this app

how to save the pic from instagram?

Ask your friend if she would link Facebook and Instagram and upload the photo again for you :)

Anyway I can get a camera on my 3g ipod touch?

Will people automatically see the pictures I take and edit on instagram?

Is Instagram safe and how does it work?

Basically, it's a photo sharing app. You take photos with your phone, post them on instagram, and your followers and whoever visits your profile will see it and "like it" if they like it. You can follow other people and see what photos they upload, and other people can follow you. There is an option to make your photos private, so you don't have to worry about the whole world seeing your photos. Its perfectly safe and lots of fun! That's mostly it about instagram. Enjoy!

How to follow people on instagram?

Is there anyway to use instagram without an iphone?

The way to use instagram without an iPhone is to use it with an iPad :D I'm just kidding, due to good review here: http://24hiphone.com/news/daily-app-instagram-2362.html you can go to their home page (http://instagr.am/) and contact them if they are planning to expand and maybe make an android application or add support for a computer. Regards.

How do you put a link on Instagram?

Paste the link to your script.

How do you put a link on instagram?

what are some blogs on the iphone app, got facebook, tumblr, twitter, msn, instagram what else is good to use?

How come my Instagram account appears in the "find Facebook friends" link of Instagram?

Instagram - Help | Facebook www.facebook.com/instagram/app_174927749225665Cached

INSTAGRAM THING. why can't i see the pictures on my facebook?

Did you know that Facebook just purchased Instagram for $1,000,000?

You, and all the answers all have valid points. Instagram or Facecrap are not going to put an end to real photography.... BUT.... they both do have impact, that being it will be that much more of the general population that will be further dumbed down as to what good photography really is. With the advent of the digital camera and phone in the hands of every kid and clueless "photographer" in existence it seems, the barrage of BAD photography on the internet becomes, more and more everyday, what is accepted and seen as normal and good photography. I cringe at all the terrible photography I see on places like Facebook with all the "great shot" comments by equally clueless onlookers. This dumbing down is why there is so much BAD wedding photography today. Young brides have been staring at junk for so many years, that when they see some clown with a DSLR hanging around their neck who can take a marginally better photo than their cell phone, then that gives validation to all the terrible "wedding photographers" in the market today. Instagram is just another goofy piece of tripe that is hardly going to end real photography, but it will cut into it a little deeper than what has already been done. I can't wait to see someone on Facebook or Craigslist wanting a "wedding photographer" to shoot all their wedding on Instagram. It will happen. steve

whats better? facebook?twitter?instagram? tumblr? or PINTREST?

They're all retarded.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Cracker. Is this real? Can someone do a double check with the virus scan?

Of course it's fake! All it's going to do is infect your own system. Pretty much anything that claims to help you do something illegal is going to be fake. And you should know that facebook automatically locks an account after several failed password tries, specifically so that dictionary and brute force attacks won't work.

Did you know Instagram was purchased today by Facebook for $1Billion?

I authorized Instagram to connect and share with my Facebook...?

you need to go into your settings, look in your permissions and delete it!

Do you think Facebook will make some major changes to instagram?

Help with connecting Instagram to Facebook?

I'm having the same trouble. I've put in a Report to Facebook about it. I checked the Help Center on Instagram and it seems to be a "known issue" that they've reported to Facebook. If you find an answer, please post it here so I'll know, too. (And anyone else who googles this problem)

Instagram to facebook news feed troubleshoot?

Why are people mad about facebook buying instagram?

I didn't know that, but I guess this might answer your question, I was just reading it http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-why-facebook-bought-instagram20120409,0,7157117.story and maybe it's because it's not nice when everything become owned by one big company, there won't be any competition, and companies won't produce that great stuff again, and we will all be just slaves for this one big company .

instagram won't post to Facebook?

Apple - Support - iPhone www.apple.com › SupportThe iPhone Support Page helps with troubleshooting, tutorials, service, and information for new users. It's also great for repairs, manuals, user discussions, .

how can i upload many pictures at once to facebook or instagram from an ipod touch without using the computer?

ipods dont support flash, so you have to use the old uploader, which means you can only upload them one by one

What do you think of Facebook buying instagram?

My sentiment can be found here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuWG_U3Z7pxKYxecu4RkDu_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120409131307AACYWVv

Instagram to Facebook private upload?

Should couples in serious relationships avoid having Facebook and "instagram" accounts?

Not really, yes they do bring drama but they have their advantages too. I mean you can connect with old colleagues, friends and coworkers. And if the relationship is serious,your both committed and there's trust then social networks shouldn't create any petty drama.

Does Instagram post pictures to Twitter or Facebook automatically?

You have to link your instagram account with your twitter and facebook account. Then when you've finished with the photo in instagram, it will ask you where you want to post your pictures and give you all the available options.

What's your opinions on Facebook owning instagram now?

Why isn't my instagram album showing up on facebook?

Why are people making a big problem over facebook buying instagram?

What happens now that Facebook bought instagram?

How do I disconnect my Facebook from my instagram?

Why is my new Instagram app opening Facebook?

Instagram and facebook games on android?